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Worcester Art Museum

Location: 55 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA
Contractor: Mr. W. Arthur Gagne
Contractor: F.W. Madigan
Completion Date: 1984


This highly complex project was comprised of a major addition to the museum, extensive renovations to the museum’s existing Early American galleries, and a complete replacement of the museum complex’s mechanical systems.The limestone was chosen as the facade material to complement the Salisbury Street wing. Included in the addition on the first floor are a new print library, print storage, and conservator’s offices. The second floor is occupied by a large flexible gallery for traveling exhibitions. On the third floor are the 20th Century gallery, outdoor sculpture terrace, and a new painting conservation laboratory.


Included in the renovation work of the existing museum was the refurbishing of ten galleries, the replacement of old glass skylights with new ultraviolet protected skylights and new lighting systems

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