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Massachusetts Biotechnology Research Park

Owner: Massachusetts Biotechnology Research Park
Contact: Mr. Thomas Andrews Executive Director
Area: 170,000 square feet (two buildings)
Completion Date: 1994 and 2000


The Worcester Business Development Corporation has designated 74 acres of land in Worcester as a biotechnology research park. Speculative shell buildings are being constructed to house start-up and established firms of any size up to approximately 90,000 to 100,000 square feet.

The fourth such structure, Four Biotech, designed by Regent Associates was constructed on the 9.4 acre site in 1994, and Five Biotech was completed in early 2000.


Both Four and Five Biotech are three-story structures with facades of precast concrete, brick and glass, in keeping with the architectural character of other buildings in the park. The buildings are organized on five foot grids to allow for the most efficient layout of spaces within. Over-sized projected “bay windows” at the upper floors give the building its unique identity.

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