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Becker College Health Sciences Center

Owner: Becker College
Contact: Jon Seale, Chancellor
Consultant: Cushing Bozenhard
Contractor: Martin Brothers Contracting Co., Inc.
Area: 22,368 square feet
Completion Date: 1999


The recently expanded Health Sciences curriculum at Becker College precipitated the need for a new facility to replace existing laboratories located in smaller, isolated inaccessible buildings. There was also a desire to create an identifiable Campus Center. This has been achieved by selecting a site for the Health Sciences Center adjacent to the existing Academic Center, separated by a landscaped courtyard.


The building is constructed on 3 levels with the lower level set six feet below grade, enabling the building height to be in scale with nearby residential buildings. The use of steeply pitched roofs and facade recesses further reduce the apparent mass and relate contextually with the neighboring structures. Colors and materials have been selected to relate to the Academic Center. A recessed well behind the pitched roofs will conceal roof top equipment and mask noise.

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